Simone the Paw Patrol star!

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Simone walked the red carpet

Simone is my little miniature dachshund; those who know her or encounter her never fail to greet her friendliness and her Disney character-like cute face! So it’s only logical that Simone was selected to attend the premiere of the second installment of the movie “Paw Patrol: The Super Movie” on the Champs-Elysées in Paris. Simone embodied Stella, the film’s superstar, in the flesh!

Your Dog Nanny was present as a canine behaviorist

Simone and I were both on board! Simone as an actress and me as a canine behaviorist! Managing all these little canine stars required the touch of an experienced professional, and even though all the furry friends behaved well, it was up to me to handle and oversee everything they had to do, with a lot of patience and kindness!

The Synopsis

When a magical meteorite crashes in Adventure City, it gives the Paw Patrol superpowers, turning them into the Super Patrol! For “Simone” Stella, the smallest member of the team, having powers is a dream come true. But things take a turn for the worse when Mr. Hellinger, our friends’ arch-enemy, escapes from prison and teams up with a mad scientist to steal and harness these new powers. The fate of Adventure City is now at stake, and the Super Patrol must stop the supervillains before it’s too late. “Simone” Stella will discover that even the smallest dog can make the biggest difference.

A Star is Born!

Simone, the spitting image of Stella, brilliantly portrayed the movie’s star in the flesh! Walking the red carpet, posing for photos, the Kiss Cam, being a spectator in the theater, interviews … my little sweetheart was in the spotlight! Celebrities, children, the press, all were delighted to take pictures with her and pose alongside her! Needless to say, the young lady enjoyed the attention she received! Completely at ease in the showbiz, despite the lights, commotion, cheers, and flashes, Simone performed with happiness and composure! A little dog truly comfortable in her own fur!

Lots of New Friends!

This premiere was also an opportunity to meet other canine and human pals, adults, children, and celebrities, to explore a new environment, play with friends backstage, and there’s no doubt we’ll see the little starlet as a model and actress again very soon! Congratulations to my four-legged star, I am very proud of you!

Here is the link to the event! video of the event!

Sonia, your Dog Nanny

Sonia, votre Dog Nanny


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