Dog behaviorist

Together, let’s walk on the path towards a harmonious relationship between you and your dog

My approach

As a dog trainer and behaviorist, my objective consists of applying positive training methods, all based on numerous scientific studies, in order to ensure you and your dog a quality life together. I don’t use coercitive tools, pain, punishment, intimidation, dominance theory and other hurtful methods that have long been proven to harm and possibly traumatize dogs.

Dogs do have feelings and intelligence. I am here to help you understand your dog better so you can listen to him and make sure you all live in harmony, in the respect of everyone’s needs. Training and behaviorism do not consist of only one method that can be used on all dogs, they are all adaptable to any dog, any personality, and any environment.

« There is no one size fits all in dog training and behaviorism; it’s all tailor-made »

A professional and personalized approach

I help you with the following

Common behavior problems:

Separation Anxiety


Predation instinct management

Dog training & socialisation

Basic commands

A relationship based on trust

My ethics

Practicing as a behaviorist and dog trainer requires irreproachable ethics to ensure the safety of all, empathy and respect for dogs and their owners, and the implementation of a tailor-made protocol, always with a positive outlook that does not imply any gesture or advice that would bring suffering to your pet.

I make it a point of honor to accompany you, not judge you, to take into account your time, your lifestyle and your environment, as well as your dog’s abilities, and to adapt the advice I give you according to these elements.

I pledge to give practical advice based on the latest scientific research, particularly in neurobiology, to continue to train myself, and I never use methods based on supposed hierarchy or any form of punishment or violence, physical or verbal.
I make sure to meet your dog’s basic needs, to be honest and to invite you to consult your veterinarian as soon as I suspect a health concern.


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