Who is The Dog Nanny?


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Who is The Dog Nanny?

I am Sonia Quertenmont, and as far as I remember, I’ve always defended animals. I dreamed of being surrounded by all animals in the world and welcome cats, dogs and horses in my own home!
After a boring career in the Human Resources Management field, I decided to reorient my career and work with dogs.

In 2009 I created The Dog Nanny, a professional dog walking service. Spending time with my beloved pups made me so happy and my profession allowed me to observe and understand canine interactions.
On an everyday basis, I learned how to decode their apeasement, fear, and play signals.
With that passion for dogs at heart, I naturally oriented myself towards dog training and behavior.
My experience on the field is of course an absolute plus.

Nevertheless, I also needed to acquire some solid theoretical and practical knowledge, and to learn from the best. I chose to get that education with one of the pioneers of positive training, based in the USA. After many selection interviews, dozens of assessments and exams, I got my Certification from the prestigious Victoria Stilwell Academy for dog training & behavior.

Science evolves everyday and I make a point of keeping up to page with new scientific studies, attending webinars, seminars, and reading the most recent articles.

I am a happy mama to Simone, my gorgeous Dachshund who is my partner in life but also my sidekick! I raised her using positive training and she is a happy little dog who is extremely social and well balanced.

My academic background

  • 1996 : Master in Journalism and Communication at the ULB (University of Brussels)
  • 1997 : Human Resources Management, University of Brussels
  • 1997-2008 : Recruiter and head hunter in various companies
  • 2008 : Intensive training in business management, Bruxelles Formation
  • April 2009: creation of « The Dog Nanny » dog walking service
  • 2022 : Certified Dog Trainer, Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Training and behavior, USA
  • Janvier 2023 : Grisha Stewart Academy: Introduction to BAT (Behavior Adjustment Training)
  • April 2023 : 3-day Dog Behavior Conference
    • Kristina Spaulding : Neurobiology of agression
    • Sarah Heath : The impact of the pandemic on dogs’ emtional health
    • Victoria Stilwell: The overwhelmed dog
    • and many others!
  • June 2023 :
    • Melana Di Martini:Separation anxiety: definition, myths and protocol to succeed
    • Resilience Rainbow Tour, Denver, Colorado: Seminar on the importance of neurosciences in order to understand and ensure dogs’ resilience, by Dr Kathy Murphy, veterinarian and Doctor in neurobiology
  • July 2023 : Simone Mueller: « Don’t eat that! » Protocol for “hoover dogs”
  • August 2023 :
    • Pr. Karen Overall: Protocols for deference and relaxation
    • Dr Laura Robinson: Understanding dog trauma
    • Dr Jessica Hekman, genetician, and Dr Kathy Murphy, Doctor in neurosciences: To spay or not to spay: that is the question
    • Dr Erica Feuerbacher: Let’s talk about shock collars: operant and pavlovian effects on aversive control
  • September 2023:
    • Daniel Shaw, BSc: The neuroscience of frustration in dogs

My values



I keep on learning every day to be up to date regarding the last research and discoveries, ignoring any « to-go » training method and keeping the emphasis on data and science based studies.

Nevertheless, I will forever keep using positive training as it is the only one who respects dogs and works on the long term. Coercitive methods only raise fear and pain in dogs, whichever the origin of the behavior is. For that same reason, we don”t punish puppies.

A happy dog needs to be happily adjusted to his environment but we have to attend his basic needs as well and let him be a dog: create social interactions, run free, smell the world, have a strong bond with his owner and make it a confident dog. I will teach you all of that.

The Dog nanny is a certified and registered company.



When you consult me I don’t look at my watch and often leave without getting paid because I forget to ask! This is how passionate I am. I will give you the necessary amount of time because my work is my passion and my ultimate goal is better the relationship you have with you furry companion and make you and him happy

I don’t ask for extra money if I have to stay a bit longer.

I do need to earn a living of course but conflict resolution and successful positive training come first.



When I meet your dog he immediately becomes part of The Dog Nanny’s family. Every dog I trained or helped takes a special part in my memory and heart.

I will always ask you to keep me posted on your dog’s progress, even at the end of the last session. You don’t have to give me any news of course but I am grateful when I get some because I really care. Every conflict resolution, every positive training is a shot of happiness to me! Making a dog and his family happy is what makes my career worth pursuing.

Every dog that becomes non-reactive, every dog that obeys out of desire, represents a real victory in my eyes: I’ve made a family happy and a dog feel good about itself.

« There is no « one size fits all » in dog training and behaviorism; it’s all tailor-made »

Trust above all else

My partners

Being a good professional also means knowing how to surround yourself with and trust other canine professionals who offer complementary quality services.

I recommend the following people who also trust me.

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Dr Patrick Belcour

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