Dog behaviorist


Dog behaviorism

A dog behaviorist is a professional with a solid experience with dogs who is a certified graduate from a renowned positive training school and who keeps up to date with the latest research on behaviorism. He/she bases his methods on neuroscience. It is a person who is truly dogs’ advocate, is passionate about their profession and takes the necessary amount of time to help you restore trust or a broken relationship between you and your dog. Humans and dogs are different species and it is sometimes hard to understand one another. Dogs snarl, growl, bark, destroy, toilet inside, are reactive, and we think they just disobey us or are bad dogs. But it’s a tad more subtle!

What we can commonly call behavioral problems are an actual expression of a true discomfort that dogs communicate with their own and natural language. Dogs develop a behavior issue because they are scared, don’t feel well (physically or mentally), feel threatened, are bored, among other reasons.

It is my job, as dog behaviorist, to help you undesrstand where this trouble come from and how to make it fade away by listening to what your dog has to say.

A professional wil never use force, intimidation, or any kind of punishment.

My method

In order to understand dogs, their needs, and to adjust their behavior, I use positive training. To make a long story short, positive training is based on scientific knowledge of conditioning, on the high and long term benefits of positive reinforcement, and also on the understanding of neuroscience in dogs. Those kind and indulgent methods are an absolute MUST to help your dog learn how to live in our environment by also respecting their basic needs.

Positive training bans all kinds of punitive approaches, whether there are physical, verbal or psychological. No coercition, no force, no yelling, no intimidation, no discomfort, no dominance theory. Positive training is all about patience, coherence, consistency, and helping you help your dog with practical exercices. My approach is ethical and you and I work together at your dog’s pace and yours. I help you guide your dog to serenity, balance, and happiness.

Every consultation happens at your place or at the place where the problematic behavior occurs. If you leave far from me, we can also arrange a video call. In any case, it is fundamental to understand what triggers the undesirable behavior to understand its origin and apply a tailor- made behavioral therapy.

« There is no « one size fits all » in dog training and behaviorism; it’s all tailor-made »

How can I help you?

I help you with the following

All of the sessions take place at your home, on the spot where the behavioral issue occurs, or by visioconference in the areas I don’t cover.


Common behavior problems

Leash walking issues
Lack of attention
Feeling your dog doesn’t listen or is stubborn
Biting issues
Jumping on people
Constant barking
And many others


Separation anxiety and distress

Protocol to understand and manage anxiety, graphs to evaluate the degree of distress, analysis of the evolution and results. This protocol is flexible so it can be applied to all dogs and environments.


Reactivity and social phobia

Reactivity towards dogs, humans, kids, objects, situations, whether he is on the leash or off: pulls on the leash, snarls, growls, bark.
Bite prevention
Serious aggression disorders are managed in partnership with a veterinarian.
Phobia of humans, dogs, the outside, specific places or situations, overwhelmed dog who hides and doesn’t get out of his safe spot.


Predation instinct management

Protocol for dogs who hunt or chase, whether it is other animals or fast moving/noisy triggers, such as kids, cyclists, cars. Feeling you can’t control your dog in these moments.

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